Governance Review

ASOIF Review of International Federation (IF) Governance

International Sport Federations must strengthen the integrity and credibility of their organisations and push oneselves to address both, existing challenges and emerging topics. Mission of ASOIF is to protect and defend the common interest of ASOIF members and to provide added value to the wider Sport and Olympic Movement.

In the context of evidence of cases of mismanagement of major sporting bodies, the ASOIF General Assembly in 2016 mandated the GTF (Governance Task Force) to assist the 28 Summer Olympic International Federations to promote a better culture of governance and ensure that International Federations are fit for purpose, or rapidly achieve that status.

The review takes the form of self-assessment questionnaire and following independent moderation of the responses. The questionnaire for the Review of International Federation Governance consisted of 50 measurable indicators covering five sections: Transparency, Integrity, Democracy, Development and Control Mechanisms. The questionnaire can be slightly revised with the aim of ensuring it is up to date but also remain comparable to the earlier editions.

WBSC was part of the Second (2018), Third (2020) and Fourth (2022) edition of Review of IF Governance. WBSC has made continuous improvement on the review remarkably after the establishment of the WBSC Integrity Unit. WBSC has been recognised as one of the most improved IFs in terms of governance following the publication of the Fourth Edition (2022), scoring increase of 46 which was the second largest across participating IFs.

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More resources are available on the WBSC Integrity Unit Webpage and the governance section of the ASOIF website.

WBSC Continental Association (CA) Governance Review

Upon completion of the ASOIF Governance Task Force Questionnaire, the WBSC took a step further by conducting and analysing the WBSC CAs using the same methodology. The questionnaire simply represents the first step in a long-term assessment of the WBSC’s CAs and was distributed to obtain an evaluation of the current status to begin improving the governance processes across all continents in line with the WBSC Strategic Goals “Consolidation of Continental Association and the WBSC Family” & “Strengthen WBSC Governance and Reputation”.

The questionnaire consisted of a background section followed by five branches - Transparency, Integrity, Democracy, Development & Solidarity and Control Mechanisms - with four questions each, respectively being scored from 0 to 4. The choice of indicators used by WBSC was an analysed selection of the 50 questions referenced from ASOIF Governance Task Force Questionnaire. The indicators included were judged to be amongst the easier to fulfil and fundamental to a modern and trustful Organisation. A new WBSC CA Governance Review will be carried out between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, and this review will be repeated every year.

WBSC National Federation Governance Review

Further down the road, it is the aim to extend the Governance Questionnaire to all National Member Federations very soon. The aim is to form experts that could boost Good Governance at the national level serving our members as excellent assets to increase their standards. With this goal in mind, we strongly encourage our members to get familiar with the governance resources available.