Case Studies

The MyWBSC digital suite aims at being the all in one solution for your organisation’s internal and public facing processes.

Case Studies

The Italian Baseball Softball Federation (Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball – FIBS) project began in the summer of 2020 with a scoring package that included a site hosted on a domain which ran in parallel with their previous activities related to TAS/Statcrew. In 2021 FIBS launched a full site within MyWBSC which incorporated the use of two system, a third-party management system that fed daily imports of data related to the day-to-day administrative processes and MyWBSC for all scoring and frontend website for all publicly viewed content. In 2022 all administrative work was also incorporated into MyWBSC, creating a singular solution for the organisation. During the 2021 season (mid-May through the end of October), FIBS racked up 5 million pageviews, a 38.65% bounce rate with an average time spent on the site per user of 5 minutes and 4 second. The official website of the Italian Baseball Softball Federation can be followed in both Italian and English.

“As FIBS, we consider the heart of our communication system and the main hub in Italy for baseball/softball related information and news.
Our switch to the MyWBSC system, with full backend and frontend web development and updates help us maintain a steady increase in overall web analytics related to users, page views, time spent on site, and bounce rate.
Live game stats, which include continued implementation of live data with new updates, is also a fully integrated part of the MyWBSC environment, helping us with the numbers above and, as the user base grows, the features made available to them will grow as well, always taking into consideration the idea of creating a universal collaborative approach to helping to grow baseball and softball globally as a community.
The future outlook on the project as a whole allows us discussing the creating of an environment which will give our Members (the clubs) the possibility to have their own websites under the Federation with game data (rosters, stats, schedules) being automated based on the mother site (FIBS), while at the same giving the individual club environments the possibility to share news and static webpages.”

Marco Landi
FIBS - Head of Marketing, Communication & National Teams Department

Liga de Béisbol Profesional Nacional (LBPN), the Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League joined the MyWSBC digital suite in 2021 becoming the first professional organisation to run the MyWBSC software in full. The project consists of a multiyear agreement which will see the full range of the MyWBSC software tools being implemented in phases… league website, team sites, live stats, player market and more.

“LBPN has always sought continuous improvement in all its aspects and for a few years we wanted to make a qualitative leap with the management of the statistics of our league and improve the experience with the fans. MyWBSC suite managed to fulfil that dream, being able to have a robust digital annotation system, live statistics in real time, as well as a complete and easy-to-navigate website for users. The WBSC IT Department was very professional in training the entire LBPN staff, the website design met all our expectations and above all the suggestions and specifications requested by the LBPN. Many thanks to the WBSC and we look forward to continuing to complete the rest of our project.”

Pancasán Arce Baltodano
LBPN – President

The Netherlands Baseball Softball Federation (Koninklijke Nederlandse Baseball en Softball Bond – KNBSB) project began in 2021 with a basic packaged put together with a subdomain of the Federation’s custom stats site. The initial project ran the top two leagues for baseball and softball in Holland, Honkbal Hoofdklasse and Softbal Hoofdklasse, with KNBSB successfully scoring over 500 games live, with an average user session lasting over 9 minutes along with a bounce rate of 26.82%.

“MyWBSC allows the KNBSB to run a system with players, events, games, play-by-play and statistics all in one place. The future looks bright, more professional by the day and will serve not only our Federation but also all who enjoy the disciplines we represent. We could not have implemented it in this way, in just one year, without the help of the WBSC IT Department who is guiding us in the process.”

Dennis Duin & Linda Steijger
KNBSB - Head of Scoring & Statistic

The Austrian Baseball Softball Federation started in 2021 with the launch of the MyWBSC basic package hosted on a subdomain of their previous site ( In 2021 the Austrian Federation ran 4 leagues through MyWBSC with the average user session lasting over 6 minutes. In 2022 The Austrian Baseball Softball Federation, along with their new domain, began running a fully integrated website with MyWBSC. The official site, which officially launched on February 25, can be followed in both German and English and contains static organisational pages, blogging/news, documents and events. The Austrian Baseball Softball Federation will also be running a beta universal athlete/coach/officials/administration registration system designed to be a one-stop-shop for all the administrative needs of the Federation.

“Our cooperation with the WBSC started off on a simple event management system in order to implement a live game solution for our Federation in 2021. The WBSC IT Department assisted us in get MyWBSC with MyBallClub up and running as we rolled out this new online experience to our clubs and followers.
As the MyWBSC digital suite offers a wide range of features outside of just the basic package run in during the first year of the agreement, the Austrian Baseball Softball Federation decided to extend the cooperation in order to use the CMS to roll out the Federation’s new website. The already existing event management modules and the CMS, combined with the management modules for players, clubs and officials, which are constantly improving, offer a great toolbox for Federations who want to unite the different aspects of a Federation/organisational management all within a singular digital environment.”

Johannes Godler
Austrian Baseball Softball Federation – Secretary General

Baseball New Zealand began running MyWBSC/MyBallClub in 2021 where they successfully displayed a total of 21 events from a senior level of play all the way down to U13. In 2022 Baseball New Zealand is back at it with a total of 14 events thus far on the calendar with more to come. “He Manawa Kaha Kotahi” (Strength Passion Unity).

“Baseball New Zealand has been looking for an integrated system where we are able to provide not only a scoring system that is easy to use at all levels from club baseball to National tournaments, but also where a website and player registration platform could be established in the frontend seamlessly capturing all data that could be bought into the scoring system to eliminate double or triple entry of data.
When I attended the WBSC World Congress in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan in 2019, I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Paul Macaluso and Michael Zambelli where the MyWBSC/MyBallClub systems were first presented. I was extremely excited to see a system being specifically developed for baseball and softball, as well as the functionality and how easy it was to use. We had been running a scoring system in New Zealand called Point Streak and the feedback from users was that it was quite complicated for entry level scorers.
What really got my interest however was that the WBSC was also working on a frontend website that would integrate with MyWBSC/MyBallClub. This was exactly what I had been looking for. I am a systems geek and in my function in accounting I’ve had the opportunity to implement several ERP systems for organisations here in New Zealand and Australia.
I have been working with the WBSC IT Department over the past couple of years now in an effort for Baseball NZ to develop a system fit for our purpose that would enable this to be rolled out to other Members of WBSC Oceania.
We have successfully introduced MyWBSC/MyBallClub, which is now in its second year of operation and the uptake and acceptance of the new system has been beyond expectation. The only drawback thus far has been the need for our scoring administration personal having to manually enter each players details at the beginning of each season, which is extremely time consuming and cumbersome. With the continued development of MyWBSC and the new registration system within in, the WBSC IT Department will essentially be eliminating a significant amount of work that is currently undertaken to set up and run the scoring each season. Not only that but it gives the National Federation the ability to track players history in the sport from when they first started playing and to be able to utilise player data to see player development and progress when it comes to National team selection. We have never had the ability to obtain or capture such information from one data source, and we see that the WBSC integrated system will finally enable us to do this. This is a significant and essential development for our organisation. The added bonus is that we are also able to integrate umpires and scorers within the system and also track their development and skill levels as a National Federation. It ticks all the boxes. So, I look forward to working with the WBSC IT Department and the WBSC as a whole to see this to come to fruition.”

Vaughan Wyber
BNZ – Member At Large

The Belgium Baseball Softball Federation (Koninklijke Belgische Base en Softball Federatie - Fédération Royale Belge de Base et Softball – KBBSF-FRBBS) launched their MyWBSC project in 2021 hosted on a subdomain  This partnership will allow the Belgium Federation’s on field activities to be see live by their followers.

“It has been a great experience using the MyWBSC thus far. Since we started working with basic package it’s clear that there is more value to discover in the future development and updates that are currently taking place. This will be a big opportunity to help unify baseball/softball globally.”

Filip Van Der Meiren
KBBSF- FRBBS - Sports Technical Coordinator at the Flemish Baseball and Softball Liga

The Swedish Baseball and Softball Federation (Svenska Baseboll och Softboll Förbundet – SBSF) has been with us since the beginning. In 2020 the Federation ran 4 events with MyWBSC and in complete independence… and proving to be a positive, constructive and reliable source of feedback as we continue to stive at bettering our systems as a whole.

“In the fall of 2019 I was assigned with the task of finding digital scoring system for the Swedish Baseball and Softball Federation.
After investigation and testing of different apps, we received word that the WBSC was working on a solution for digital scorekeeping.
After reaching out to the WBSC IT Department and listing to what was being planed we felt comfortable enough to run a pilot season with MyWBSC and MyBallClub for our 2020 season.
The WBSC IT Department was very helpful with configuring the site for SBSF, and I received a quick responses if there was something I couldn't do. I also felt comfortable with the fact that if any issues did arise, they were addressed quickly.
Even with little time for training the evaluation from the SBSF scorekeepers was very positive. We used MyWBSC and MyBallClub as our official scoring system for all leagues in 2021 and recommend it to all.”

Kent Karlsson
SBSF – Project Lead

The Norway Softball Baseball Federation (Norges Softball og Baseball Forbund) was one of the first organisations to join us in 2020. The Federation’s usage of the programme saw three competitions run in its opening season with MyWBSC followed by 5 in 2021. 2022 looks just as bright as fan engagement continues to be at the forefront this organisations goals                   

“MyWBSC has allowed us to streamline our regional competitions into a format that enables our fans to be more involved. Paul and his team are always available for questions and are willing to work with us to develop unique solutions for our leagues.”

Alex Guilford
Norges Softball og Baseball Forbund – Development Consultant/Technical Director

The British Baseball Federation (BBF) joined MyWBSC in 2021 to run 6 events and over 800 games in the basic package. The project became an immediate success once the games started in 2021, with the average user session on the site lasting close to 6 minutes.

“The MyWBSC site and the integrated MyBallClub app fundamentally changed how we manage our participants, teams and leagues. Our community embraced our move to the new world standard solution so much so the usage in the first season far exceeded our expectations. We were happy to be among the early adopters and hoping to expand our engagement in the future given the planned changes and upgrades.
WBSC's IT Department and the MyBallClub teams were incredibly helpful throughout the whole implementation process and throughout our first year with the new tools.
We believe in the longevity of the project in the expectation MyWBSC could be the single reference point for British Baseball's league administration and data management as well as providing access to valuable learning tools.”

Gabor Erdos
BBF – Project Lead

The Venezuelan Baseball Fedeation (Federación Venezolana de Béisbol – FVB) began using MyWBSC and MyBallClub in the fall of 2021. In 2022 they have a long list of events set to take place in the system… from Pre-Baseball all the way through 60 and over competitions.

“MyWBSC is a great tool for the Venezuelan Baseball Federation, it is easy to use and a great help for the organisation of our tournaments. MyWBSC together with the MyBallClub scoring application, it allows us to have live, high-quality statistics.”

Oscar Eduardo Izaguirre Delgado
FVB – Treasurer