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Softball Bat List

The Softball Playing Rules Commission adopted bat certification standards effective January 1, 2002. Currently, the (ASTM F2219) high‐speed batted ball test (100 mph) is used for determining bats allowed to be used in WBSC World Championships, World Cups and the Olympic Games. Also included are the qualifying tournaments for both the World Championships and the Olympics.

August 31, 2008 marked the end of the period during which bats that complied with the previous WBSC bat performance standard (1.20 BPF) were permitted to be used in WBSC play. Bats containing the ISF 1.20 BPF stamp are NOT permitted in WBSC play. All bats must contain the ISF 2005 bat stamp or WBSC Certified bat stamp.

For any additional information regarding the bat application process, please contact the WBSC.

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