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In the 1930's softball was becoming a popular men’s game. In 1937 a retired Babe Ruth accepted to face 25 year old pitcher John CannonBall Baker at a Charity Event and ended up swinging and missing 15 consecutive pitches.

Leo Fischer didn't believe that women's softball was going to have a bright future but still believed that the ladies "could have their chances, if they wanted to".

Women's softball kept growing, especially in California. ASA sanctioned women's softball exhibitions at The Madison Square Garden in New York, featuring the New York Roverettes. But ASA suffered a setback during the World War II years. 

Philip Wrigley
Philip Wrigley, Owner of the Chicago Cubs

In 1943 Philip Wrigley, owner of the Chicago Cubs, started the Pro Women’s Softball League.

The All American Girls Baseball League and the rivals National Girls Softball League had a negative effect on the ASA National Championship. Attendance to women’s games declined during the war years.

On the contrary, during World War II men’s softball thrived, especially in US Military bases.