Strategic Plan 2022-2028

Aligned with the Olympic Agenda 2020+5

Dear WBSC National Federations, Associate Members and the global baseball and softball community.

After a careful study made by the WBSC leadership and its Departments, and consultation with key stakeholders - including the WBSC Athletes’ and other key Commissions, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and a range of leaders within the Olympic Movement - we have crafted the WBSC 2022-28 Strategic Plan.

The aim of this important strategic plan is to guide the WBSC community with a measurable long-term strategy and objectives.

It includes the WBSC Organisational Profile and WBSC Structure as well as our growth objectives for 2028 including nine Strategic Goals and 73 Sub-Goals with targeted outcomes created to achieve our aim to grow our global sport by expanding within existing member regions and taking root in new territories.

The monitoring and evaluation of our international baseball and softball objectives will be done each quarter of the year, adjusting the current 244 roadmaps and 436 KPIs accordingly.

The WBSC’s overall strategy is aligned with the IOC’s Agenda 2020+5 through a pilot project done in cooperation with the IOC.

Our 2022-28 Strategic Plan will ensure that the global baseball-softball community is aligned and growing together in the same direction, taking strength from each other’s experience and development to help secure our sport’s future and allow it to maximise its potential on the international stage.

WBSC President
Riccardo Fraccari
WBSC Strategic Goals
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