WBSC Legacy Club Members

Are you a Baseball/Softball lover? Do you want to contribute to a concrete project helping refugee children to find new hopes and dreams through sport? 
Be part of our Legacy by becoming a Member of the WBSC Legacy Club! 
Contact us at legacyclub@wbsc.org to discover how your gesture can make the difference.

The WBSC Legacy Club has three levels of membership:

  1. Legacy Club Member (minimum 2,000 USD or equivalent in kind)
  2. Legacy Club Silver Member (minimum 5,000 USD or equivalent in kind)
  3. Legacy Club Gold Member (minimum 25,000 USD or equivalent in kind)

Donations can be “VIK” but only half of the “VIK” value will be considered towards the Level.
If the member is offering a service/support, the WBSC Legacy Club will evaluate its value and register the member within the appropriate level of membership.

Based on the level of your membership, the WBSC will reward its Members with the following benefits:

BenefitMemberSilver MemberGold Member
1 GameTime Tournament PassX
2 GameTime Tournament PassesXX
Member Luggage tagX
Silver Member Luggage TagX
Gold Member Luggage TagX
2 Tickets for 1 WBSC Tournament*X
2 Tickets for 2 WBSC Tournaments*XX
1 VIP Pass for WBSC Premier12X
Name on Gold Zone of Wall of FameX

*Excluding Premier12

Exceptional Requests from Members can be discussed and potentially accommodated.