eBASEBALL™ Federation Focus: USA Baseball celebrates being first Federation featured in the WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series 2023

eBASEBALL™ Federation Focus: USA Baseball celebrates being first Federation featured in the WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series 2023
Players can participate in the USA eBASEBALL™ Cup via WBSC eBASEBALL™: POWER PROS, which you can download at the PlayStation online store or the Nintendo eShop. The week-long event is scheduled from 1 to 7 October. The four USA eBASEBALL™ Cup winners, from the USA, will be invited to the USA eBASEBALL™ Finals in North Carolina on 4 November.

USA Baseball

1. Recap the basic history of your National Federation and the origins of baseball in your country

The history of baseball in the United States dates back to the 18th century, when amateur enthusiasts played a baseball-like game by their own informal rules using homemade equipment. The popularity of the sport grew and amateur ball clubs were formed in the 1830–50s. Semi-professional baseball clubs followed in the 1860s, and the first professional leagues arrived in the post-American Civil War 1870s.

Since 1978, USA Baseball has been the national governing body for amateur baseball. It represents the sport in the United States as a member of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and internationally as a member federation of the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC). Nearly every major national amateur baseball organization in America is united as a USA Baseball national member organization. As a result, USA Baseball governs more than 15.6 million amateur players in ballparks and playgrounds across the country. As the commissioner's office for amateur baseball, USA Baseball is a resource center for its various membership groups, fans and players. USA Baseball is also responsible for promoting and developing the game of baseball on the grassroots level, both nationally and internationally.

2. Describe your National Team programmes

USA Baseball fields the following national team programs:

  • U12 National Team
  • 13U/14U Athlete Development Program*
  • U15 National Team
  • 16U/17U National Team Development Program*
  • U18 National Team
  • Collegiate National Team
  • Premier12
  • World Baseball Classic
  • Olympic
  • Women’s National Team

Detailed information on these programs can be found HERE.

*Denotes a development program that does not participate in officially sanctioned competition 

3. Describe your top-level competition (teams, cities involved, format)

Elite level baseball competition takes place across the United States, Each year USA Baseball identifies the top players in the country through tournaments, tryouts, and select developmental opportunities in order to field national teams for international competition.  

4. Describe your grass-root activity

USA Baseball makes significant investments towards growing youth baseball participation and long-term retention at the grassroots level through a wide range of initiatives which include:

  • Fun At Bat
  • Fun At Bat After School
  • Homegrown
  • Play Ball
  • Coaching Development
  • Athlete Health & Safety InitiativesDescriba su actividad de base

5. Please give an estimate of how many people play baseball and softball in your country?

Approximately 15.6 million people play baseball in the United States each year


1. What do you hope to achieve by participating in WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series?

USA Baseball hopes to reach new audiences and provide unique opportunities for non-traditional baseball participation by partnering with the WBSC for the eBASEBALL™ Series

2. How will your presence at WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series benefit your baseball and softball communities?

Our hope is to find new ways to grow a love for baseball and softball within our communities and to generate excitement surrounding the game through our presence at the WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series

3. What skills from eBASEBALL™ do you believe will transfer to actual baseball?

Strategic decision making and precise reaction time

4. How does your participation in WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series align with the overall strategy or mission of your federation?

By growing and expanding into new programming through eBASEBALL™, our organization can provide new and unique services and opportunities to our participants and members. Additionally, part of USA Baseball’s Mission Statement calls for creativity and vision and a drive to foster innovation. In order to serve our membership and continually push our game forward, we must engage in new and creative programs like eBaseball.

5. What benefits do you believe that you can bring to WBSC eBASEBALL Series?

We believe we can benefit the eBASEBALL™ Series in the United States by:

  • Executing well organized and high quality events
  • Increasing visibility for the event through our brand and network
  • Providing enhanced credibility to the Series through our brand

6. What advice would you give to other NFs who are interested in being part of WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series?

We want to tell other National Federations that you should not miss this great opportunity and collaboration with the WBSC and the KONAMI.

7. What are you looking forward to most in relation to WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series? 

We are excited to see the top players compete and to interact with new fans and participants through the WBSC eBASEBALL™ Series