XXV 18U Baseball World Cup 2013

30/08/2013 - 08/09/2013


Hosted by:   TPE

30/09/2013 1 Minute Read

18U BWC: All six games on Opening Day in Taichung cancelled

Organizers battle rain at start of the XXVI 18U Baseball World Cup

TAICHUNG. Organizers of the XXVI 18U Baseball World Cup are battling the rain. All six games planned for Opening Day in Taichung: Game#1 between Venezuela vs. Czech Republic, Game#2 Japan vs. Canada, Game#3 Italy vs. Korea, Game#4 Australia vs. Cuba, Game#5 Colombia vs. USA and Game#6 Chinese Taipei vs. Mexico got cancelled following lengthy rain delays and will be re-scheduled for a later date in the tournament. Also the opening ceremony got postponed.

  • Game#1: Venezuela-Czech Republic cancelled due to rain
  • Game#2: Japan-Canada cancelled due to rain
  • Game#3: Italy-Korea cancelled due to rain
  • Game#4: Australia-Cuba cancelled due to rain.
  • Game#5: Colombia-USA cancelled due to rain.
  • Opening Ceremony: cancelled due to rain.
  • Game#6: Chinese Taipei-Mexico cancelled due to rain.

Be advised that the schedule can be changed on short notice due to the inclement weather.