XXV 18U Baseball World Cup 2013

30/08/2013 - 08/09/2013


Hosted by:   TPE

30/09/2013 1 Minute Read

18U BWC: First Rainout/Update on Schedule Changes

Rain in Taichung leads to postponement of Venezuela vs. Czech Republic – More Schedule Changes

TAICHUNG. The first day of the XXVI 18U Baseball World Cup is hindered by rain. Game#1 between Venezuela and Czech Republic at Dou-Liou Stadium got cancelled following a lengthy rain delay and will be re-scheduled for a later date in the tournament. A decision for Game#2 Japan vs. Canada and Game#3 Italy vs. Korea will be made at 2pm. However no game will start before 3pm due to the inclement weather. The status of Game#4 (Australia vs. Cuba), Game#5 (Colombia vs. USA) and Game#6 (Chinese Taipei vs. Mexico) will be determined based on the situation.

  • Game#1: Venezuela-Czech Republic cancelled due to rain
  • Game#2: Japan-Canada scheduled for 2pm, won’t start before 3pm. Decision will be made at 2pm.
  • Game#3: Italy-Korea scheduled for 2pm, won’t start before 3pm. Decision will be made at 2pm.
  • Game#4: Australia-Cuba scheduled for 4pm at Dou-Liou. Status to be determined.
  • Game#5: Colombia-USA scheduled for 6pm at Taichung. Status to be determined.
  • Game#6: Chinese Taipei-Mexico scheduled for 7pm at Intercontinental. Status to be determined.

Be advised that the schedule can be changed on short notice due to the inclement weather.