26/11/2022 - 04/12/2022


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XVII Men's Softball World Cup 2022 - Official Payoff
Australia win spectacular slugfest, beat USA 12-9
02/12/2022 2 Minute Read

Australia win spectacular slugfest, beat USA 12-9

The two teams combined for six home runs, in an afteroon marked by multiple changes in the lead.

Australia outlasted USA today, 12-9, in an outstanding offensive showcase with six home runs, 21 hits and 21 runs combined. Four of nine Australia’s hits were home runs. Scott Patterson, Nick Shailes, Joshua McGovern, and James Todhunter homered for the Aussies, while Blaine Milheim and Matt Palazzo did it for USA.

The game was a roaller coaster, with both teams changing the lead five times. USA took the lead with a three-run homer off the bat of Matt Palazzo in the first inning, and extended their lead to 5-1 in the second with a two-RBI double by Milheim. 

Patterson hit his bomb, a three-run homer, in the bottom of the second, and one inning later Shailes and McGovern homered to give Australia their first lead in the game. 

USA retook the edge in the fifth, 7-6, on a defensive error, but Australia’s first baseman Todhunter smashed a three-run shot to make it 9-7 for Australia; but the North Americans tied the game again in the sixth with a two-run homer by Milheim. The US center field tallied four RBI in the game.

However, Australia answered with three in the bottom of the sixth, with RBI singles by Marshal Kronk and Hayden Matthews to get the definitive lead.

Kronk was the winner of the game, after tossing one inning in relief, striking out three with one walk. The loss was charged to Brad Kilpatrick.

Australia added one more win to their record and now sits at 3-1 in the Super Round standings. USA dropped to 1-3 with today’s loss.

Quotes - Australia Coach Laing Harrow

“When you face an opponent who gets three runs in the first innings, in our case we managed to score a run and then Scotty Patterson scored a triple. We answered every time they scored runs.

"It shows the importance of early starts but we didn’t want to give up as many runs as we did. Bessy (pitcher Jack Besgrove) didn’t have his best stuff at the start. He stayed in the fight and got better as the game went on and did a good job to keep us in there.

"They hit the ball hard at key times and we had four home runs too. Our captain hasn’t had a lot of opportunity and he came in to hit three runs for us. The key was the fight in these Steller boys. They never say give up, they do not care what the score is and they keep coming back. I am very pleased.

"It keeps us in with a chance to make that gold medal game. If we had dropped this one we would have been in a lot of bother. Tomorrow we show up, we have to win another ball game but this gives us the opportunity.

USA Coach Ron Hackett

"It was a great game. It came down to who managed to shut the other one day last, and score a run at the end without them replying.

"It was a massive start. We did a very good job coming back after yesterday and staying focused. Their goal was to come out of this with a medal – albeit a gold one – but we still have a shot. We have to win tomorrow and barring upsets it could be against Australia again.

"I think the high number of runs came down to familiarity of pitches and game-planning. They know our players well and we know them. All these pitchers are high quality and so to put so many runs up for both teams is impressive and is probably due to the amount of game planning that goes in.

"I loved our fight. They are going to fight to the very end and they did. Plan is to hydrate, eat, sleep and come back and beat Venezuela. That is the only plan."