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XVII Men's Softball World Cup 2022 - Official Payoff
Vaillant’s triple treats Cuba to 4-1 win over Venezuela
02/12/2022 1 Minute Read

Vaillant’s triple treats Cuba to 4-1 win over Venezuela

Anibal Vaillant's valliant effort featuring an RBI triple led to the Cuban 4-1 victory against Venezuela in the sixth inning.

The battle between two of South America's super powers was highly anticipated, especially considering that Cuba, ranked 12th in the world, beat world No. 9 Venezuela 5-4 in this year's qualifier for the WBSC Men's Softball World Cup in 10 innings.

Anibal Vaillant’s RBI triple late in the sixth inning rallied the Cuban victory over Venezuela on Sunday in the Super Round of the XVII WBSC Men’s Softball World Cup in Rosedale Park.

Vailant converted three hits, including the hit that sent three runners home as the lead-buster and game-winner. Yuri Rodriguez went three-from-three in the batter’s box collecting a run and an RBI.

Venezuela paced the first three innings and ticked the scoreboard over with Engelbert Herrera’s run that was built from his double to centre field and an Edinson Marrero single up in the middle.

Venezuela continued to pressure the Cuban side moving into scoring positions as Marrero reached second base and Jorge Lima on a walk.

However, it was Cuba who scored next and tied the game at 4-1 at the bottom of the sixth inning, finding an advantage over the pitching change of Venezuela.

With one out, Miguel Savigne was hit by a pitch that pushed him and Lamote to reach the first and second bases. Lamote eventually scored the game equalizer when he completed the run off Yuri Rodriguez’s RBI single.

Anibal Vaillant’s lead-snatching RBI triple along the floor to right centre field scored Luis Dominguez, Rodriquez and Yurisamdre Ramos.