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IX Women's Baseball World Cup 2023 - Group A - Official Payoff
02/08/2023 2 Minute Read

Watch the WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup Group Stage on GameTime: Tournament, Group and Daily passes available

A tournament pass for $15.99 (US dollars) will give subscribers access to all 30 games of this year’s Group Stage.

Women’s baseball fans around the world will be able to tune in to GameTime to watch live the WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup Group Stage. In order to watch the tournament, you must be logged in to gametime.sport, click on Offers and select the bundle of your choice.

The WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup will be the first to be played under the Two-Stage format. The 12 qualified teams have been split into two groups.

Group A will be hosted in Thunder Bay, Canada, from 8 to 13 August, with No. 3 Canada; No. 4 USA; No. 8 Australia; No. 10 Korea; No. 11 Hong Kong, China; and No. 12 Mexico. See Group A’s schedule here

Miyoshi City, Japan, will host Group B from 13 to 19 September. Hosts No. 1 Japan; No. 2 Chinese Taipei; No. 5 Venezuela; No. 7 Cuba; No. 9 Puerto Rico and No. 16 France. See Group B’s schedule here

GameTime, the WBSC-owned streaming subscription service, has launched three different packages to watch the WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup Group Stage: Tournament Pass; Group Pass; and Daily Pass.

WBWC Tournament pass

Tournament Pass subscribers will have full access to the WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup. With this premium subscription, fans can watch all 30 games of the tournament live and on demand across all devices, ad-free. 

The Tournament Pass is priced at $15.99 US dollars ($0.53 per game).

For those fans interested in following their team at the Group Stage, GameTime will offer the Group Pass for $9.99 US dollars ($0.66 per game). This membership will grant access to the 15 games of each group across all devices, ad-free.

Viewers will also be able to watch WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup action for one day by obtaining a Daily Pass, covering all games scheduled on a single day in one particular group. 

Group A

The one-day pass will be available for $5.99 US dollars ($1.99 per game).

Season Pass holders will be granted access to all live WBSC Women’s Baseball World Cup Group Stage matches. Fans can still buy their Season Pass for $59.99 US dollars. With this membership, fans can watch live and on demand all WBSC tournaments and games of the year, including the U-18 Baseball World Cup, the U-15 Women’s Softball World Cup and the U-18 Men’s Softball World Cup.

The Season Pass includes more than 200 baseball & softball games in 2023.