Hong Kong-China host first Women's Baseball Asia Summit

Hong Kong-China host first Women's Baseball Asia Summit
The participants shared their women's baseball development status and discussed future projects with the WBSC Women's Baseball Commission.

Representatives of National Federations, National Teams and Women's Baseball stakeholders participated in the first Asia Women's Baseball Summit, held in Hong Kong-China on the eve of the III Women's Baseball Asia Cup championship stage.

Hiroko Yamada, the WBSC Women's Baseball Commission chair, and commission members Nicky To and Narelle Gosstray introduced the meeting hosted by the Baseball Association of Hong Kong-China.

Yamada emphasized the importance of Asia hosting Group B of the WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup first stage in Miyoshi City, Japan. She also hoped to see every National Federation participate in the next Women's Baseball Asia Cup. She also asked to discuss a format involving more than one host nation.

Delegates from the Chinese Baseball Association, the Baseball Association of Hong Kong-China, the Indonesia Baseball Softball Federation, the Iran Baseball Association, the Philippine Amateur Baseball Association, the Sri Lanka Baseball Softball Association, the Chinese Taipei, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Thailand national teams and the Taiwan Women's Baseball Advocate Association shared their women's baseball programmes, reporting on the current status of competition within their territories.

The WBSC Women's Baseball Commission illustrated a project to test player performances in the current playing environment or by introducing modified measures and distances.

Eight National Teams will compete in the III Women's Baseball Asia Cup Championship round starting Friday, 26 May. The tournament qualifies three teams for the IX WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup.