Olympic Baseball silver medalist Chao-Hua Lin: "Baseball5 is developing fast"

Olympic Baseball silver medalist Chao-Hua Lin: "Baseball5 is developing fast"
The former professional pitcher led Chinese Taipei to win the inaugural Youth Baseball5 Asia Cup and spoke about the five-on-five version of baseball/softball at the end of the tournament. His coach Hsin-I Lu: "We need more international Baseball5."

Former baseball star Chao-Huang Lin managed world No. 2 Chinese Taipei to first place in the inaugural Youth Baseball5 Asia Cup and to clinch a spot in the first-ever WBSC Youth Baseball5 World Cup.

Lin enjoyed a brilliant career as a pitcher after making his international debut representing Chinese Taipei in the 1987 U-18 Baseball World Cup. He contributed to a bronze medal in the 1991 Intercontinental Cup and became a member of Chinese Taipei's starting rotation at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics. He earned wins against Italy and the Dominican Republic and started the gold medal game against Cuba, but left after allowing four runs in three innings and suffered the loss.

In 1993 Lin turned pro and made his debut in the Chinese Professional League (CPBL) with the Jungo Bears. He moved to the Sinon Bulls in 1996 and to the Uni-President Lions during the 1997 campaign. He established himself as one of the top relievers in the league and helped Chinese Taipei win bronze at the 2001 Baseball World Cup. He finished his career in 2005 with the China Trust Whales.

Lin was on the Chinese Taipei coaching staff at the 2007 and 2009 U-18 World Cup and got in touch with Baseball5 in 2020.

"This is the first time we put together a U-18 National Team," he commented through an interpreter.

"This game is faster and has more action than baseball. It may attract more youth. The fact you just need a ball to play opens a lot of possibilities," Lin added. "I think Baseball5 is very good for enhancing hand-eye coordination. It can also be recreational because almost anybody can play. To be competitive, of course, you need excellent physical condition."

Hsin-I Lu coached under Lin and doesn't believe it is challenging to put together a co-ed team. "I think you just need to talk more, but in the end, we succeeded coming together as a team."

"I can't wait to participate in more Baseball5 international competitions, hopefully overseas."