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WBSC Congress approves Statutes modifications, financial report
04/07/2022 2 Minute Read

WBSC Congress approves Statutes modifications, financial report

The amendments to the Statutes and The Code of the Divisions include the composition of the Executive Board regarding non-elective positions, and an inclusive and democratic elective process for the Athlete Commission

The WBSC Congress approved changes to the organization's Statutes and The Code of the Divisions as well as approving the WBSC Financial Report for 2019-2021.

The changes to the Statutes include amendments of two points of Article 14 (The Executive Board).

The change in Article 14.1 will allow the WBSC Executive Board to appoint IOC Member Representatives as vice presidents on WBSC Executive Board.

The Executive Board believes that IOC Member Representatives will help the WBSC on strategic matters within the Olympic Movement and help baseball/softball become a permanent fixture in the Olympic Programme.

The modification in article 14.15 will allow the Executive Board to appoint additional athletes representing other disciplines different from baseball and softball. The aim is to have Baseball5, eSport and Para Sports represented in the Athletes Commission.

The Congress also amended Article 15, clarifying the duties of Executive Vice Presidents (providing directions to the Divisions) and Vice Presidents (providing suggestions on baseball/softball Olympic future).

The amendment to Article 16 modified the composition of the Presidential Council, which will include the following 10 members without increasing the overall number of representatives: the President, two representatives among the Vice Presidents, the Executive Vice Presidents for baseball and softball, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer, two among the eight athletes representatives and the Executive Director.

The Congress also amended Article 4.2.3 of the Code of Divisions. The modification will meet a proposal of the Athlete's Commission not to have elections during tournaments. The aim is to open candidatures and voting to all Member Federations since the athletes are the voice of the entire baseball and softball community. The WBSC Executive Board previously approved By-Laws changes to accommodate two more athlete representatives, increasing the total number of athlete representatives on the WBSC Executive Board and Divisions to eight to represent all of the WBSC's disciplines.

Financial Report

The tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic didn't impact dramatically on WBSC assets. The total funds at the end of 2021 almost match the total funds at the end of 2019.

During the pandemic years, WBSC leadership and management could adapt to the loss in income and guaranteed activity through intelligent management of the expenses resulting in a positive advance at the end of 2020 and 2021.

The auditing report confirmed that WBSC's financial statements "meet the licensing and independence requirements as stipulated by Swiss Law."