Global Game: New women’s softball national league opens in Argentina

Global Game: New women’s softball national league opens in Argentina
A total of 16 teams will participate in the Women’s National Softball League.

Argentina's first-ever Women’s National Softball League (Liga Nacional Femenina - LNF) launched over the weekend, with the Rosarinas and the Aguilas de Corrientes having the honour of playing in the inaugural series. The games were played in Rosario. Aguilas swept the series with a pair of wins, 16-1 and 7-6.

“It’s a great satisfaction to finally launch the LNF after several months of work,” said Jacinto Cipriota, the president of the Argentina Softball Confederation. “Hopefully the league becomes a key element for the development and growing of women’s softball. It’s a tournament made to bring women’s softball to the next level.”

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Softball Argentina announced the new league last October. The LNF is a 16-team competition. In the opening round, there will be four regional events, covering Argentina's North, Littoral, Central and South regions. Each regional event will have four teams, coming from the region’s local associations. The winner of each regional tournament will advance to the Final Four, slated to be played in the final months of the year. The winner of the final four will be crowned as LNF Champion.

Currently, the South American nation occupies the 27th spot in the WBSC Women’s Softball World Rankings.

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